Cleaning the Bedrooms

What's the Homemaking September ShapeUp! all about?


Monday we cleaned the kitchen, Tuesday we cleaned the dining room and entrances, Wednesday we cleaned the living areas, today we're going to clean the bedrooms. Again, we will take the bins and trash bag with us, since it's been a week. However, the focus is cleaning this week, with a focus on deep cleaning. I'll also share my quick clean lists. Don't dwell on just 1 item, don't get sidetracked. We are not organizing this week, we'll do that next week.

Again the bedrooms list is basically the same as the dining room and entrances and living areas, but it would be way too much to do it all in one day. There are some differences, but this will all look familiar.

Grab the cleaning supplies. This is the deep cleaning list that I do, feel free to modify it to suit your home. This keeps me on track and makes sure I don't miss anything. I only do a deep clean twice a year, usually I do the quick clean. Other steps in the deep clean area are done as needed.

My Deep Clean List:
Put away everything that stays in the room
Clear furniture surfaces, and put items for other rooms in the put away bin.
Put all the sheets and other linens in the laundry basket.
Wipe down light fixtures.
Spray down all non-wood hard finishes, and wipe down.
Wash windows, glass and mirror surfaces.
With a new cloth wipe down all wood surfaces with wood cleaner/conditioner.
Wipe down the walls, outlets, doorknobs and light switches.
For furniture, nightstands and armoires:
(For electronics, to be safe, you should unplug them before moving them.)
Wipe down all the shelves.
One drawer at a time, pull items out, wipe down drawer, put everything back.
Open cabinets and wipe down the shelves.
Wipe down all decorative items.
Vacuum the mattresses and all the soft furniture.
Move all furniture out of the way.
Wipe down the walls and hanging rods in the closet. Like books, fabrics generate a lot of dust and may need special attention.
Vacuum the floors and around the edges.
If you have hard floor surfaces, wash them.
Move your furniture back in place.

For kids rooms, don't forget their desks and toy boxes. I know, I know, who could forget.

My Quick Clean List:
Put away clutter.
Wipe down electronic components.
Wipe down hard surfaces.
Fluff soft surfaces.
Wipe down doorknobs and light switches.
Straighten the closet.
Clean glass and mirror surfaces.
Clean floors.

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  1. I'm getting exhausted keeping up with you!

  2. That's why I spread it out over a month, keeps me sane.


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