Blogging, Advertising and Disclosure Policies

There are no pretty pictures in this post... No tips... It's a rant of sorts, a pet peeve of mine and a strongly worded opinion. If you just want the pretty pictures of it all, go ahead and skip this post. There are lots of pretty pictures here

I see more and more blogs with the same standard disclosure policy, but what it boils down to is... "We get paid by sponsors to write about products and we won't always let you know when we're getting paid for a review." You know what, I have a problem with that. Just because it's being disclosed doesn't mean that there isn't a lot of ethical gray area. If a blogger is blogging to make some money on the side, that's fine, but let readers know what on the blog amounts to an ad and what doesn't.

My disclosure policy: If at some point, any point, I get paid to write about a product in the way of free product to review or monetary compensation. You will know that I am compensated for that review and how. You will get a 100% honest review of my likes and dislikes and whether I'd have acquired the product myself without being paid. Rest assured that everything I feature is what I love, like, covet... So, if someone wants to send me a cookbook to review, or a new Dell XPS Laptop, go right ahead. If you want to send me a laptop other than Dell, please reconsider sending me a Dell... pretty please.

I'm getting rid of Entrecard, I'm going to let the ads currently scheduled run through, then I'm dropping it. Why? It takes too much time to be worth it and lately I've noticed most blogs wanting to advertise are unrelated and/or falling into the ethical gray area mentioned above. I screen all the advertisers because I feel that this is my blog and what is on my blog should reflect a blog that I would visit. I don't want to send you to blogs that don't feel similarly. I've found a few wonderful blogs through Entrecard, and I know a few have found me through Entrecard. Without Entrecard I'd have never gotten to know Laura who's the featured blogger of the week, so it's not all bad. I believe Tara and a few others found me through there as well. It's just that the time commitment is too high. I'd rather be catching up on your blogs or finding new Etsy shops to spend money at feature.

If I've mentioned a commercial product or Etsy artist or another blog, it's NOT because I've been paid to. It's because I genuinely use them, covet them or would purchase the item myself. For instance, I featured Blaze Danielle and later bought the print Cozy Trio, and I featured Meese by Little Bit Funky then went and bought him for myself a few weeks later.

One nice thing that came out of Entrecard is the Featured Blogger of the Week. I will continue to feature a blogger a week as long as I have bloggers to feature. For now, I have plenty! Thank you so much to all the bloggers that have agreed to be featured so far, I've enjoyed getting to know more about you!

I'm done with my soap box for now. So, how do you feel about this? Am I way off base? I would like to eventually earn some residual money from my blog, but not at the expense of compromising the content and my principles.
I did add a few more google ads, but I haven't been entirely happy with the content they display on each post. Several are right on, but some are stuck on "making money from blogging" type content, as long as it is somewhat blogging/homemaking related I'll keep them. I'll leave them for now, but PLEASE let me know if they ever display anything completely inappropriate! Also, we'll have a fun giveaway when/if I get my first check. Don't hold your breath, I'm sure it will be a while.


  1. I agree Barbara. That should be disclosed on a post (if it's paid). I have a couple of sponsors, but they pay only to have their links on my sidebar. It was important to me to still be in control of the content of what I posted daily.

  2. Liz,
    Oh I agree, obviously since I have Google Ads. But they are obviously ads/sponsors, and I always identified Entrecard as "Advertisers" versus a lot of blogs that say that they are a featured blogger.

    I'd just be a little frustrated to find out that I bought something based on someone's recommendation, find out that they were paid to recommend that item, and didn't let me know that the recommendation was possibly biased.

  3. I tried to post a comment yesterday but I was using Google Chrome and it seems to have a few bugs still.

    Anyway, I hope you change your mind about leaving Entrecard. A lot of people seem to think you have to make a ton of card drops in order to remain there. It's silly. I only spend one day a week (usually) returning drops and going through the blogs I have in favourites. I enjoy EC versus trying to drive traffic to my blog with it.

    It helps me keep track of blogs I like reading cause I just go through favourites and read, comment and drop along the way. I tend to read those which are not on EC less often cause they just aren't in my nice, easy list on EC.

    Sure I could just use my favourites listed on something else but I like going on ad buying splurges on EC too. It's the only time I can window shop these days.

    Anyway, I had written more yesterday but it's all lost and I don't rememeber most of it now.

  4. Very interesting post! I don't know too much about the marketing side of blogging... That's why most the stuff I've got is all light and fun! :)

    Hope you're having a great Friday! Please stop by the shop to see what I've been working on! :)


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