Southern Style Chicken and Dumplings

Chicken and Dumplings

Southern Style Chicken and Dumplings Recipe up at Kitchen Comforts.


  1. YUM comfort food - can you send me a bowl? LOL

  2. I do have leftovers! It probably makes enough for 8 servings

  3. Wow that looks good - I'm off to check out that recipe!
    With Gustov headed our way we need all the comfort food we can get!

  4. My parents just had Faye over them for a while, it seems awfully fast for another already.

  5. YUM, I LOVE chicken and dumplings.

  6. This looks great Barbara. I'm trying to think if I've ever been to Po'Folks. I don't believe that I have... Where is it in Oklahoma?

  7. oh girl! you know how to pull on a southern girls heartstrings! This was the first time I've checked out your food blog...I couldn't stay long as I was drooling all over my keyboard and afraid I might electrocute myself! If you have a restaurant here in town...or ever plan on opening one anytime soon please please let me know and I will be there every single day. Your cooking looks divine! O how I wish a restaurant around here would serve good homestyle cookin! I sho do miss my mamma's dumplins.

  8. Sandra: I so agree, I haven't had great chicken and dumplings for quite a while. So I decided to make my own :)

    Thanks Blaze!

    Monique: In Tulsa, can't remember where exactly though. It's been too long.

    Kim: No restaurant, just a home kitchen :) I do understand though, I still slip into a bit of a drawl when I get tired or hmmm a bit tipsy ;) Are you new to the area?

  9. I am so not showing this to hubby. My sweet country boy would be all over this in a heart beat. Maybe I will just send him on over to Barbara's for the leftovers! Actually, I did save this recipe. If I ever get ambitious and he's been an awfully good boy ... maybe I will make it for him. (hehe)

    Cheers, Kiy

  10. Kiy,
    It did take a bit to make, but it wasn't hard. The veggies could be chopped ahead of time, and the dumplings can be made in advance as well. Just drop it in when you are ready.

  11. First sign of cold I am going to try this recipe.

    We have lived in GF since Jan 11, 2007...that day will forever be FROZEN into my memory because we watched the temp guage consistantly drop from above 30 degrees to 5 below during the 3.5 hour drive from my hubs home town of Albany,MN. When we got here and stopped for gas the wind almost cut us in half when we opened the door...we looked at each other and said "oh my gosh WHAT HAVE WE DONE!!!" We came here because hubs is in the military and his dad had just found out that he had terminal cancer. He died two months later and the rest has been kinda a downer ever since. We tried to put the house up for sale this summer, hubs retires in March, we'd like to move to Texas but things will have to wait for a while till the market improves...its a long story...sorry to have rambled on.

    Oh and I am originally from Louisiana. I hate cold weather...but I am trying to find good things to love about Grand Forks. I think the people are really nice but its hard to "fit in" when you are an outsider. I'd like to meet some new friends and get involved in something productive.

  12. Kim: You are perfectly fine... ramble away, I have on your blog ;)

    I understand about the fitting in thing, it took 2 years for me to finally make some friends around here... We should get together for coffee or lunch or something...

    This is the longest I've lived anywhere... 6 years... My dad was military... so I get it...


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