Menu Plan Monday {19}

Hubby is out of town most of the week, and I have plans most of the week for dinner. So it's an easy week. Usually I save Sunday evenings for Pantry Cleanout and Leftovers, but based on my week I won't have much for leftovers. Since that's the first night hubby's home I'll make him something he'll love.

Monday - Lime Garlic Chicken with Rice
Tuesday - Boy Scout lawn Social
Wednesday - Dinner out with the girls
Thursday - Plans with my niece
Friday - Asian Chicken Salad
Saturday - Turkey, Bacon, Guac Sandwich with Cucumber Salad
Sunday - Beef Stew with Spoon Bread

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  1. Sounds like a fun week especially the lawn social and girls night!!

  2. So, now your kitchen is closed. Sweeet! The cucumber salad looks great, going to have to give that a try. Have a super week!


  3. Hi Barbara!
    This week looks like fun! The Asian Chicken salad sounds so good! Yum! ;)

    I hope your Monday is going wonderfully!!

  4. Yum everything looks good Barbara!

  5. Tamy: Hubby goes out of town and I start making all sorts of plans

    Kiy: It's perfect since I want to work on the Advent Calendar this week. Oh and the Cuc Salad is delicious! One of my top five favorite salads.

    Thanks Blaze! I'll be improvising on that one, I have the idea in my head, we'll see if it tastes how I'm imagining ;)

    Thanks Sandra!


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