I'm Back and Another Day (Year) Older...

It's after midnight, so I really should be in bed. Instead I've been up watching movies and daydreaming, is it still called daydreaming even when done at night?

Hubby plans the day tomorrow, oooops today, and I just get to relax and enjoy everything he has planned. So long as it includes me sleeping in, I'm up for anything.

I'm officially back from my bloggy break, and I will get myself caught up soon. In the meantime, while on hiatus I was tagged for a 6 Random Things About Me Meme from Kiy at Rocking Chairs and a Tricycle. Check out her Random Things too, I seriously could have blatantly stolen her list except for #2 and it would all be true about me too. The lists, not the detailed explanations. Hmmmm, let's sub crochet for counted cross-stitch and #2 works for me. Anyway, my random things:

1) I went to college for the first time exactly 16 years ago to the day. Yup, I moved into the dorm on my 18th birthday.

2) I'm a bit of a pyromaniac and love to play with fire.

3) I'm obsessed with trying to switch everything over to more natural products at home, because all the chemicals and preservatives are freaking me out! getting to me...

4) My sister had Tiffany's tape when she was younger, and I used to know all the words to her songs. Tiffany was kinda boy crazy... so was I...

5) I have a pair of green and white striped knee-high's that I wear to UND hockey games. I'm one of THOSE fans...

6) I have my ears pierced, but never wear earrings because they bother my ears. I've always been jealous of friends with earrings that go with different outfits. I still want to be one of those girls... Any suggestions? (hypo-allergenic doesn't help, and neither does wearing gold only, unless I'm just not wearing a high enough karat or something)

I'm supposed to tag 6 people... so... Tamy, Monique, Kim, Sandra, Susan and Michelle

Vintage Birthday Party


  1. Happy Birthday Barbara, how lovely to have a whole day planned for you. Hope you enjoy it very muchly and Im sure youll tell us what you got up too.

    Its all go in this house , chopping and cleaning and prepping for our little family soiree later. Cant believe my little one is 2!


    Hana mi

  2. Hi there! I'm new to your site and enjoying it very much...Happy Birthday, hope your day (when you decide to get up, he-he) is wonderful.

    Bec checking back to look over more past posts.

    Have a joyful day.

  3. P.S. I'm over here from Mississippi Songbird after her Monday Musings post. Your Flickr door pictures sounds good...wish I could follow up on things better..I suffer from PA: Procrastinator Extraordinaire!

  4. It's probably just having something hanging from your ear that's bothering you, not a reaction.

    Try something small and made of titanium? It would be light and titanium is known not to be rejected by the human body.

  5. Happy Birthday Barbara, I'm sick today but I wanted to come in and wish you a very good day :)


  6. Happy Birthday !!! I know you are enjoying your day, Fargo sounds very nice.

    You are such a dear friend Barbara !

  7. Thank you for all the birthday wishes... I had a lovely day and I'll share all the details tomorrow! :) Hana Mi: Hope you had a lovely birthday party there! And I'm sooooo sorry you are sick Sandra! Elizabeth Ann, thanks for coming over, I hope you come back. I'll take a peek at your blog tomorrow... it's 10:30 now and I need to go to bed after last night :) Monique: Thank you, I appreciate it, loved the messages and Paul was laughing at me trying to keep up this morning with the shakiness in the car! Tamy: I know you didn't comment on this because you posted on your blog, but if you come by later... a preemptive thank you for the card and the well wishes on your blog!!!

    Marf: I wear very small earrings (stud size) because I react to them in general... I'll try titanium though... I had only tried gold in the past. Thanks for the advice :)

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN! I know it was a super day!! Great list, many things I could blatantly 'borrow' too, but I will try for original! BTW my ears are sensitive too and have had the best luck with lightweight sterling silver.

  9. That is so funny.... At least you weren't driving.

    I'll work on the tag later today. I'll be ready to start the Advent Calendar tomorrow, are you set to go?

  10. .....Oh, and we had your amazing apple butter w/ breakfast this morning..... 1/2 of the jar is gone.

    Thank You again for it.

  11. Happy Birthday! I'm hoping to see photos and hear of the day you had! :)

  12. Happy Birthday! So, if you could have stolen my list, does that make us twins? (Well, except for the fact that you are younger!) Loved your own list. :)

    I should not read the comments. You have a homemade apple butter recipe? I love and adore apple butter. Now I am going to have to search all over your site for it. It better be posted . . . ;)

    Cheers, HB again, Kiy

  13. I completed my tagging and now I'm going to start cutting out the "pockets".

  14. Kim: Can you believe I forgot to take the camera with me???? I was kicking myself when we got down there. I've been keeping it in my purse but had taken it out to tranfer photos and take pics of Tamy's package!

    Kiy: Sorry I didn't see this earlier, I'd have emailed you the link right to it! I LOVE apple butter, and this was so easy I actually made several batches throughout last winter.

    Monique: Nope, he was driving, I'm barely coordinated enough to text while riding nevermind driving! I'll start cutting my pockets tonight!


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