Homemaking September ShapeUp!

Homemaking September ShapeUp!

Hello dahlings! October, November and December are my busiest months with both work and personal events. So, I'm going to take September to shape up my home and routines to get me through January. Wanna play along? It's always more fun with friends.

What does homemaking mean to me? Homemaking comprises all the little efforts that go into make our houses into cozy homes. This is everything from cleaning and organizing, getting dinner on the table, the small decorating touches, fresh flowers, and all the little things that show our families that we care. So, these are all the little things we'll touch on this month.

I do my best decluttering, cleaning and organizing with music, so I've updated my playlist on the right with some of my favorite house cleaning songs. I like something upbeat with a fast tempo that I know all the words to. It helps to get me going and keep me going, and I love to sing and dance around the house while cleaning. So for starters I'm going to send 3 lovely readers a CD of my favorite cleaning music and some of the documents I've used in the past and I'll be using again this month, just leave a comment here by midnight on Tuesday and I'll pick 3 readers at random and get packages out on Wednesday.

I'm interested in having someone write some guest posts for Week 3 on the Special Topic : Routines with Children. If you are up for only writing 1 or 2 posts let me know, I can split the posts up. I have plenty of topic ideas, but thought it would be good to have someone with experience to share what works for them. Besides I'm hoping this will be a bit of a group effort.

Not everything this month will apply to everyone, so please share what works for you, other ideas and tips in the comments each day. Feel free to write your own related posts and let me know, I'll link up everyone interested in join in for the month, no posts required, just sharing the love! I'll create a Link List in my sidebar just for September ShapeUp.

So here's the plan:
Week 1 : Decluttering
Week 2 : Cleaning
Week 3 : Organizing
Week 4 : Decorating
Week 5 : Relax and Enjoy

Monday : Kitchen
Tuesday : Dining Areas, Foyers & Entrance Areas
Wednesday : Family Rooms, Living Rooms & Rec Rooms
Thursday : Bedrooms
Friday : Extra Rooms (Offices, Craft Rooms, Kids Rooms, etc)
Saturday : Bathrooms & Laundry Rooms
Sunday : Outdoor Spaces

Each week I'd also like to cover special focus topics:
Week 1 : Menu Planning with Tamy
Week 2 : Creating/Updating our Home Manuals
Week 3 : Routines with Children
Week 4 : Reader Requests
Week 5 : Maintenance

What do I need from you?

1) If you are interested in participating, sharing your progress and being linked up, leave a comment on this post.
2) If you are interested in guest posting any posts in Week 3 send me an email, and leave a comment on this post. You don't have to be a current reader to offer to guest post.
3) If you have any specific things you want covered, or if you have an idea for a guest post in Week 4 on any topic, leave a comment on this post.

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  1. Wow, sounds ambitious! I wish I could offer some wise words to add to the ones you will share with us but I have ZERO organizational skills! Can't wait to see what you come up with in September!

  2. Barbara I'm so looking forward to this. Thanks for coming up with the idea!


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