Homemaking September ShapeUp Guide

What's the Homemaking September ShapeUp! all about?

Homemaking September ShapeUp!Throughout the month of September I am working on getting my home and routines in shape and would love it if you'd join in. It's always so much more fun with friends. Here's the game plan and a guide to make it easier to find what you are looking for throughout the month. And because this isn't just for me, I've left week 4 open for whatever activities and additional things you want to accomplish! This guide will be added to as the month goes on, please give me your input on any topics you may want covered.

Join in the Homemaking September ShapeUp!
What is Homemaking?
Songs for Cleaning
How Do I Clean?

Week 1 - Declutter
Declutter the Kitchen
Declutter the Dining Room
Declutter the Living Areas
Declutter the Bedrooms
Declutter the Extra Rooms
Declutter the Bathrooms and Laundry Rooms
Declutter the Outdoor Spaces

Week 2 - Clean
Clean the Kitchen
Clean the Dining Room and Entry
Clean the Living Areas
Clean the Bedrooms
Clean the Extra Rooms
Clean the Bathrooms and Laundry Rooms
Clean the Outdoor Spaces

Week 3 - Organize
Organize the Kitchen
Organize the Dining Room and Entry
Organize the Living Areas
Organize the Bedrooms
Organize the Extra Rooms
Organize the Bathrooms and Laundry Rooms
Organize the Outdoor Spaces

Week 4 - Decorate
Decorate the Kitchen
Decorate the Dining Room and Entry
Decorate the Living Areas
Decorate the Bedrooms
Decorate the Extra Rooms
Decorate the Bathrooms
Decorate the Outdoor Spaces

Week 5 - Relax and Enjoy
Time for a Project You Love
Me Time, Date Nights, Free Days

Special Topics

Week 1 : Menu Planning and Kitchen Organization with Tamy
Organizing Your Pantry and Refrigerator
Essential Pantry and Refrigerator Items
Overall Kitchen Organization
Menu Planning, Shopping Frugally, Recipes
Techniques to Make Weekday Meals Easier
Cooking with Kids
Family Dinners - Organizing for a Crowd

Week 2 : Creating and Organizing Your Home Manual
Creating a Home Manual
Writing Down Your Routines
Creating a Weekly Routine
In Case of Emergency
Family Calendar
Family Information
Contact Information

Week 3 : Routines with Children
Chores By Age
Chore Chart
Consequences & Rewards
Daily Routines
Creating a Job Jar
Allowances and Chores
Kid's Fun Day

Week 4 : Reader Request

Week 5 : Maintaining
In/Out Policy


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