Friday I'm In Love {10}

I haven't done a Friday I'm In Love feature in a while, I haven't actively looked at Etsy in a month, which is helping the pocketbook! However, Etsy found me anyway and I just LOVE Robin's shop Nothing Like It. I can honestly say I have never seen anything like it.

Giraffe Coaster

This giraffe coaster is her latest creation and her first larger sized coaster for people with coffee mugs like mine! Her whimsical style and sense of humor would brighten anyone's morning coffee. This red dog is one of her standard sized coasters and oh so cute. Reminds me of Clifford, The Big Red Dog.

Giraffe Coaster

She makes other creations as well such as:
Lowat - the Summer Imp (a posable figure, not a toy)
These adorable veggie magnets (each sold separately)
Flat Magnet Critters (shown next to a standard sized pig coaster)
Custom mugs, like this cute Mad Santa Mug (it's sitting on top of a flat elf coaster, but they are sold separately)

They'll be cute Christmas gifts nestled in baskets with some favorite beverage of choice and a few other goodies.

Edited: Oh, I forgot to mention that Robin has a blog too! Go visit her and say hi and look at all of her whimsical posts, her sense of humor cracks me up!


  1. Thanks Barbara! You're the best!

  2. Sure Robin! Fixed the picture sizes though, I hate that you can't get a true preview until it's posted.

  3. I am a total Etsy junkie. In fact, hubby had to ban me from there this past spring. Fortunately, the holidays are coming so I have a 'good' excuse to shop again! Thanks for a head's up, I laughed and laughed at the elf coaster. I know just the person for that (besides me!).

    Have a great weekend,


  4. Kiy: Isn't it so cute! She had two on her blog licking up syrup this past week, I was giggling for a while at that one.

  5. Barbara - Do you like coffee or tea? Maybe you could drop in sometime and see my mess for yourself. If you can excuse the clutter.

    Love the cute coasters! How fun! I could just love one of those for my desk at work...but which one, they are all so stinkin adorable. I love the funny quotes. What a hoot!

  6. Aren't they so cute?!? I've been thinking about the giraffe one... you know me, I'll think about it a while and 1 night in the middle of the night I just have a compulsion to buy it! *sigh* That's why I promised Paul I'd stay away from Etsy for a while. But Christmas time! :)

  7. Those are really cute - I like the red dog the best!


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