All About Hair... Mankind Mag : Issue Two

Erin at Design for Mankind has just released Mankind Mag Issue 2. I know I'm still on my bloggy break, but I had to share this with you now. It came out Monday and as usual it is full of gorgeous artwork, photography, interviews and articles. This issue focuses entirely on hair and Erin shared some of her own work in Autohairography, which I absolutely loved... since I've experienced many of the same hair faux pas... Sun-In how I've abused thee...

I've downloaded both issues, but can't wait to actually receive the actual magazines in the mail. I'm sure they are gorgeous.

Mankind Mag Issue II


  1. You are WAY too nice to me! Wow! Thanks so much! :)

    And oh gosh, the Sun-In memories... ;)

  2. It's all relative Erin... I think it's wonderful that you spend so much time on it and let people see it all for nothing. :) Happy to share it and let people know...

  3. I actually agree w/ both of you.

    Barbara you are too kind, and such an amazing friend.

    And DfM- Your Mag is amazing, and your dedication to it is commendable.

    Ok,now someone say something nice about me. LOL

  4. That's easy Monique, you are a great friend, a wonderful mother (with 2 ADORABLE boys!) and you're a blast to be a dork with ;)


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