Advent Calendar

I've looked high and low for advent calendars that I like. I've had an idea in my head for years, it would be made out of wood, but hubby thinks it's way too complicated.

So last year, about a week too late, I found Allsorts and Jenny's Advent Calendar. In early July, I mentioned wanting to make her Advent Calendar for this Christmas, but that I'd have to make it early, so I'd get it done when it's less hectic. Well, a couple of other bloggers, Monique and Sandra, also mentioned they'd like to make it this year. Monique and I decided to make them at the same time in August. I won't have time until after the 18th, but I've ordered my felt and thought I'd give everyone the heads up, if anyone else wanted to join in. Also, if you are going to join in, would you mind commenting? I'll link us all up when we start working on it, so we can see each other's progress.

Clicking on the picture will take you to her post with directions:
Allsorts Advent Calendar :


  1. I'm getting things ready.

  2. I'm planning on starting mine this month too, I just haven't bought anything for it yet, hopefully once the kids are back at school on monday, I'll have more time :)

  3. Monday is the day here too Sandra. I'm sad and a little excited, much like my 9 year old.

  4. Just thought it'd be nice since we all want to do it, to work on it at the same time in case one of us (ME!!!!) needs help :) Like with the outer stitching. I know it's early to be thinking Christmas, but I won't have time in October, November and December... So I figure end of August and September for my projects, or they'll never happen.


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