Twitter Issues

Kim pointed out on her blog, Forever Daisies, that something had gone amiss with Twitter. Sure enough, I checked and I've lost a lot of the people I was following, if you happen to visit here and notice I'm not following you anymore, would you mind giving me your address to follow you on Twitter... I want to stalk follow each and every one of my lovely readers! And feel free to follow me, I'm having a hard time remembering exactly what everyone has for their twitter address. There is only so much guessing I can do before it makes more sense to just ask.

With all the problems lately are people starting to migrate to Plurk or other platforms, or are you all still using Twitter?


  1. i must be out of a loop What is twitter

  2. I don't twitter, I have a hard enough time keeping track of what I already have LOL

  3. The Woman: a Mini-blogging platform, kind of like a big social instant messaging pool, but with a little structure to it...
    For instance here I write a full post on red doors... There I might write "More red door goodies " and post a link or 2... but nothing meant for another entire post on a blog...

    Sandra: With all your blogs I don't blame you! I just want to be sure I catch the people that do twitter. Oh, if you ever start up, make sure you let me know :)

  4. I really had no idea either... Good to know. I know I have an account, but now I'll use it.

  5. Twitter says they are "almost" fixed.


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