The Revival of Common Courtesy {1}

Tamy over at 3 Sides Of Crazy has started a weekly feature to share common courtesy and etiquette tips. Each week has a different theme, this week is Being The Perfect Hostess.

She asks, "What are the little things you do to make your guests feel at home?"

There are so many aspects to this, but I'm going to focus on overnight guests.

The little things that I do:
On the bedside table I put a small carafe of water with glasses, a small box of tissues and a small vase of fresh flowers, if they aren't allergic! Also, I have a small reading lamp, pen and paper and a few reading options. I stick with magazines or short stories, so they don't feel like the have to finish a chapter or book before they leave.
I have a chair in the room, and place extra blankets and sets of towels on a chest at the foot of the bed. I also give guests a choice of firm or soft pillows or both if they want.

In the bathroom, I have a small basket that I put out for overnight company with extra washclothes, an extra roll of toilet paper and a little "help yourself" note explaining where everything is. The cabinet is stocked with almost anything they might need, so they don't need to ask. I'm always a little embarrassed if I have to ask for something like Tums when at someone else's house. This way hopefully they don't have to ask and it might save them from feeling the way I do when a guest. Not that I ever mind if anyone asks... I just know that I'm shy about asking myself.

I always try to get a feel for whether they have allergies, or major food dislikes, their beverage preference, what time they get up in the morning, if they are morning coffee drinkers, what their preferred beverage is and what they like for breakfast.

And finally, before company comes I direct them to a couple of local sites, so they can see what's going on in the area for activities and entertainment.

The guest bedroom in our last house:
Guest Bedroom


  1. I love your guest bedroom, beautiful :)

    What a neat feature by Tammy, I'll have to look into joining :)

  2. You should Sandra, I'm sure you have plenty to share :)

  3. What a beautiful hostess you are. Anticipating your guests needs is a wonderful way to welcome them. Thank you for all your help in setting up this meme, the buttons & code and the participation. I couldn't have done it without you.

  4. Anytime Tamy! Glad to help you out

  5. Oh I love it... And what a beautiful room that was too.

    I'll have to go see Tamy's.


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