Plate Rack at AllSorts

Ok, this is going to be mushy silliness... but... I just LOVE Jenny at AllSorts... Remember she hosted A Post a Day in May, TWO months ago! (Doesn't seem that long!) Anyway... I always love her posts but look what she shared yesterday! Is that just the cutest? It's such a neat idea, I may steal it for above the changing table in the nursery.
And she just started an Etsy shop called Loopsies, and sold her first batch of Dollypop's last week. I'm looking forward to see what she features there in the future. She's showed so many cute things on her blog that I just love. I'm planning on making her advent calendar this year, it won't turn out as cute as hers since I'm not quite a skilled seamstress, but I'll try! Oh, and these adorable elf shoes!!!


  1. Awesome. I think even I could manage the advent calendar.

    It reminded me of the tooth fairy pillow I made for Bay that has now been handed down and sits waiting for Bren's first loose tooth.

    I'll take a pic of it after I've mended his wiggly jiggly eye.

    I love the "All Sorts" blog and will definitely be looking at her shop. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Monique: She makes everything look so easy doesn't she? Hopefully it is easy. Can't wait to see the pillow! And I'm always happy to share, even chocolate covered blueberries... ;) Ok, ok, I'll stop now :)

  3. I LOVE allsorts and I'm also making her advent calendar this year LOL

  4. Sandra: We'll have to post them when we're done! :) I'm thinking I'll have to do mine this summer since fall and winter get insanely crazy for me with LONG hours at work, and holiday prep at home

  5. "I'm thinking I'll have to do mine this summer since fall and winter get insanely crazy for me...

    That's just what I was thinking too.

    Ugh the blueberries. You're going to have to send some now. I even made blueberry pancakes for breakfast trying to break the craving.... which worked until you mentioned them again. =)

  6. Monique: If we make them around the same time we can give each other pointers :)

    *laugh* Will do, just send me your address :) I'll put them in the mail tomorrow!

  7. Ok.... I'm going to take you up on it girlie. I'll find some magnificent yummy here to send back.

  8. Glad to oblige... Hope the boys like them... you are going to share right? :) Or would they... oh I have an idea for them :)

  9. Wow, that is really cute! Thanks for the link.

    And thank you for your blog birthday wishes, I am so glad to count you among my blogging buddies!


  10. AnonymousJuly 11, 2008

    that is so cute!

    West Bremerton florist

  11. Thanks Melissa... Yours is one of my favorites :)

    Thanks Arlene! :)


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