Oh Happy Day!

Blogger added a feature to export all your posts from an old blog and import them into a new one! So I finally have all my old posts and COMMENTS! Not that you want to go back and read them all, but they are there... Woohoo! I will clean up a bit, and relabel (I originally labeled a LOT of stuff random). Can you tell how excited I am?!? Seriously... jumping up and down, twirling round and round in circles happy!

A few favorite oldies...
My dumb... or very smart... dog
Netflix Stalkers
Speaking of Heroes
The Whole Web Is More Important?



  1. AnonymousJuly 04, 2008

    Yayy!! That's a good and satisfying feeling! :) Congrats! Comments are a good thing, and the more the merrier! ;) Happy fourth!!

  2. Thanks! I was ecstatic when I read that I could bring it all over finally, there have been a few times that I was just going to kill the old blog off. I did kill off the adoption blog though. Oh well. :) Happy Fourth!

  3. Thats a cool gadget, didnt know about that. Although it will take me ages to figure it out!

    Has your foodie one gone then?

    I really admire your organisation skills, soo fab. I need sort my blogs about a bit too!

  4. No, I think I'll leave that one separate.


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