Menu Plan Monday {17}

Monday - Hawaiian Chicken Kebabs (hold over from last week)
Tuesday - Haddock with Garlic Potato Smashers from Tamy at 3 Sides of Crazy
Wednesday - Summer Tortellini
Thursday - Lemon Pepper Tilapia
Friday - Campfire Cookout - anything that can be skewered and held over a flame (Hubby loved this and requested it again this week!)
Saturday - Gone to the Farm
Sunday - Pantry Cleanout and Leftovers

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  1. Can I come eat with you this week? Everything looks so good :)

    Menu Plan is Up

  2. Sounds like a great menu! Have a good week.

  3. Tilapia and broccoli seems to be the theme this week, must be on sale! Stop by my menu and enter a chance to win some Hansen's Sparkling Water to have with all of the meals we are planning!

  4. I suddenly want to come to your house tonight lol

  5. I still want to try your Hawaiian Chicken Kebabs, and that Summer Tortellini looks so wonderful. Great idea! I am hoping to make some tilapia this week also, depends on how lazy I am and how much fun we are having. :)

    Have a great week!

  6. I haven't done anything with tortellini in a while -- thanks for the reminder!

  7. Mmmm... I'll be over for the lemon pepper tilapia! :)

  8. Thanks everyone... and you are all invited... just let me know when you are coming and what you want me to fix :) I'll be waiting...

    Chicken Kebabs were held over, but they are on the menu tonight so I can get pictures and ingredients and measurements for you. Hubby is picking up the chicken and pineapple on his way home!

  9. You commented on my racin post so I thought I would share the pictures. I will be posting the link for them tomorrow but while I'm thinking of it lol

  10. Thanks! Hubby's gone to one race, and loved it... He keeps wanting to go to Daytona since it's not too far from my parents someday.


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