Cozy Trio - Blaze Danielle

Isn't this just darling? It's a print of a watercolor and ink painting titled Cozy Trio by Blaze Danielle. I mentioned her work once before and she comments here often. I've gone back and forth over whether to buy it a couple of times now. I just love it, and when I peeked at her shop again today... it was still there, so it's mine now. I'm going to put it in my office for now, eventually it may find it's way into the nursery. Cozy Trio


  1. OMG that is sooooooo precious! I'm glad it has found such good home!

  2. What talent. I love it.

  3. Yeah I just love her work... I just love it all. Mama plays the squeezebox is another favorite! She's very talented...


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