Art Fest, Farmer's Market and Art & Wine Walk

Grand Forks' Town Square is about to get busy for the summer. The Grand Cities Art Fest, Town Square Farmers' Market and evening concerts all take place here throughout the summer and it really is a nice location with the addition of the paddle wheel and band stand after the flood.

Grand Forks Town Square Paddlewheel

This weekend is our local Grand Cities Art Fest at the Town Square in Grand Forks. We go every year to peruse the booths and see what's available. The Art Fest is located downtown in the Town Square in Grand Forks, ND and just across the river by Cabela's in East Grand Forks, MN with the Sorlie Bridge between them.

Grand Cities Art Fest       Grand Forks Farmer's Market

Our local farmer's market, Town Square Farmers' Market, opens next Saturday at 9am and runs through to September. A variety of local grown as well as Pride of Dakota products are available there every Saturday morning. In the past we've bought produce, honey, breads and preserves and I look forward to it starting up again this year.

Grand Forks Farmer's Market

Art & Wine Walk

After the Farmer's Market next weekend we'll be going on the Art & Wine Walk throughout downtown Grand Forks. You can sample wine while visiting with artists and viewing their work at various establishments. So I look forward to that as well.

I love summer in Grand Forks!

I'll take pictures and share all the goodness with you over the next few weeks.

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  1. How wonderful. I can't wait to see and hear more about it. We enjoy May Fest, but it's only a week, yours sounds amazing.

  2. I should clarify, Art Fest is 1 weekend, but there is stuff going on here all summer long. :)

    We had outdoor concerts every Thursday evening here last year

  3. It is fun, next Saturday is going to be a long day! but worth it... :)

  4. It just seems very busy. I love that.

    We have a Summer Concert Series here too, I've never been but should try to go this year.

  5. Wish I was closer, these sound like so much fun!

  6. You should go Monique... The boys would probably love it.

    Me too Tamy, it'd be fun to wander around together.


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