Gloves for Cleaning

Aren't these just the cutest? I got the gloves and scrubber this week. I'm kind of a girlie girl in some aspects, I grow my nails long and try to keep them looking pretty. Well washing dishes and cleaning takes a toll on them, so I have plain old yellow gloves. With all the chemicals used in cleaning nowadays I try to always wear gloves when cleaning around the house. As I'm needing new cleaning supplies, I'm replacing them with Method products. My yellow dishwashing gloves are ready to retire to other housecleaning, so I replaced them with these totally cute pink gloves from The Pampered Chef. I also got the little scrubby you can see on the side of the sink.


I absolutely love these, especially the tall polkadot cuffs. Too girly girl?



  1. Absolutely adorable - every girl has a girlie girl inside somewhere.

  2. Thanks! I really like that they are longer than my normal yellow ones... I was always getting water in the gloves eventually.

  3. They are totally cute.


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