First Camping Trip of the Summer

First, I came home last night and crashed! After three restless nights in hotel beds I literally walked in the door and crawled in to bed, while hubby unloaded my care for me (isn't he sweet!!!). So I will do my best to catch up this afternoon with anyone I missed this week.

Second, I'm a glutton for punishment! After only 1 night back in my own comfy bed, we're leaving this afternoon for our first camping trip of the year. We'll be going to the Old Mill State Park in Minnesota and I definitely will NOT have internet access there. So I'll be light on posts this weekend and the Farmer's Market will have to make it's blog debut next weekend. So much to do, so little time.

So, it's the first day of summer and we're going on our first camping trip of the year. This is the camping trip in which we inevitably no matter how hard we try, we will forget half the things we need at home. Each time we go we say "Oh, we need to bring X next time." By the end of the summer, the last camping trip of the year we've packed everything we own into the car with the dogs.

At that point camping is kind of like this... All the comforts of home:


Yeah, I'm dreaming again. Every year in the beginning of the season, I think we'll be fine with less stuff this year, and by the end of the summer we have all the same stuff loaded up. I'll learn my lesson eventually, or get a lake cabin so I can just leave the stuff there... ooops, there I go dreaming again.

These are actually the cabins at Grand Superior Lodge.
We've rented cabins here a few times for vacation, they are quite nice.



  1. AnonymousJune 20, 2008

    What fun! Glad to hear how you're doing! And I hope you have fun camping!! Goodness, you're a busy girl! :)

  2. Should be fun, I'm going to run grocery shopping now to pick up everything for the weekend! Still have to think of dinner for two nights...

  3. I think we're going to try Grand Superior Lodge for our anniversary in August. Thanks for the idea. It's only 225 miles.

  4. I seriously love Superior Lodge! While you are there you have to go to Betty's Pies, I bought their cookbook! Plus there are a few quilting stores as you travel the stretch! You'll love it. Are you getting a cabin? The lodge is nice, but we've always gotten cabins. The lodge has a great restaurant with DELICIOUS food, but a bit on the spendy side. We always go grocery shopping and make most of our meals and pack picnics while we are there, but we always stop at Betty's Pies on the way, and have our Anniversary dinner at the lodge.


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