Confession: I Have An Addiction...

Ok, well maybe not quite an addiction, or maybe I'm just in denial. More of a guilty pleasure.

I love magazines, LOVE them. Not just any magazine though, no People or US Weekly for me. Home magazines specifically, Southern Living is my favorite though. I can't use the gardening advice unfortunately, but I can still pine after the lovely southern gardens of Savannah. I love the recipes, particularly those that remind me of Charleston.

Currently Getting:
Southern Living for years (still have every issue)
Better Homes & Gardens
Martha Stewart Living
Southern Accents
Domino {Edited: Danielle's comment reminded me}
Real Simple
Cooking for Two

While we lived in Illinois I also got Midwest Living, while I still live in the Midwest, there isn't much focus on North Dakota, so I discontinued that one.

So I'm just curious, what magazines do you get? Or share your own guilty pleasure.



  1. I guess I'm addicted too then. I currently get Cottage living, Midwest Living (I can't use the garden advice either, but I just love this magazine), Cook's Country, Cottage Living, Real Simple and Country Home.

  2. I'm addicted to parenting magazines.

    I started out clipping all the little articles and keeping them neatly in a notebook, sectioned out for "now interests", "future issues" and then the largest being "crafts"....

    I lost my mind trying to keep up and actually parent, so now just have them all stuck in boxes...

  3. I love magazines because they have nice short articles, so if I have 5 minutes I can read one and not get so wrapped up in it, like I do with books.

    Monique, I'm not a parent yet and I am getting Cookie and Wondertime right now. How sad is that? Though I'm seriously hoping for a call any day.

  4. I don't know Cookie. We got Wondertime a few years ago, but they were so difficult to deal w/ I canceled. Long story.

    I also have a huge collection of Highlights and Sesame Street magazines.

    I'm crossing my fingers for your call.

  5. A lot of what Cookie showcases is too expensive for what I'd buy for baby, but I like to look and there's always the articles.

    My Wondertime actually runs out this month, so I'm going to hold off on renewal until we have a little one. I would be interested in knowing what the difficulty was, if it's something I should be aware of.

  6. It was actually pretty dumb.

    They sent the magazine as a trial deal. We were to get 4 issues free and were told to write cancel on any one of the subscription slips.

    I wrote it on the first, we got the 2nd. No biggie. Wrote it on the 2nd, got the 3rd. No biggie. Wrote it on the 3rd, got the 4th. Again no biggie, that was the deal, right?

    Well then they sent a bill. I wrote cancel again and a little note saying that I had already established that I was uninterested in a subscription 3 other times.

    I quit getting the magazine after the 4th, but they continued to send a bill and finally even a collection notice that really set me off big time.

    A must longer, very heated note back to them and that was the last I heard.

  7. I have so many magazines my son counts them sometimes and keeps track so he can tell me when my collection is getting too big. Interestingly, since I've been blogging, I actually forget to look at my magazines! I don't know what is wrong with me, I guess I'm just too busy looking at beautiful photos on blogs...

    I get quite a few, but then I forget to pay the bill and get cut off...

    Happy day,

  8. Not dumb Monique, it's the principal of it. If you cancel it, it should be cancelled. Not turned over to the collections department.

    Melissa: I spend less time reading them as well since I started seriously blogging, but I usually cart one around in my purse for lunch breaks or waiting for appointments, etc.

  9. I love Country Home and Country Living. I also love clothing catalogs and while I know I wont buy much from them I keep getting them for the inspiration.

  10. Thanks so much for your lovely comments and helpful advice over at my blog. It's so nice to be sharing decisions with 'kindred spirits' out there in design blog land. I devour magazines (especially during library visits with my sons) but only purchase a few from time to time: Australian Country Style, Traditional Home, Living Etc and Australian Home Beautiful. As I have an internet business and am on the net often, I just surf all your beautiful blogs and gleen inspiration from them as it is so nice to also enjoy the personality behind the blog too. A-M xx

  11. I love catalogs in general, at least those I cycle out when the new one comes. I don't tend to do that with magazines very well.

    a-m: I never think to go to the library for magazines, I should probably start going to our local library more often. Thank you for the lovely compliment.

  12. I have several scrapbook/craft magazines. I'm trying to be okay with letting a couple of them expire as they come to that point. I'm way behind on reading them!

  13. I love Real Simple! and Wondertime, Domino, Cookie. But none of those subscriptions are current. No time.

    I also can't break my Lucky Habit. Even though I mostly read it to scoff at the prices, I also get great ideas for when I sail through the aisles at Target!!

  14. Kim: I understand, I usually ask for and get mag subscriptions for birthday and Christmas. But I'm trying to decide what I want to start weeding out. I'm getting way too many this year.

    Danielle: I can't believe I forgot Domino in my list! I have a current subscription to that as well. Although I'm probably going to let it lapse. I love it, but so many people blog about it that between that and I can get a pretty good idea of what's in the current issue.

  15. I like mags...a lot. Not so much decor mags, though, since I can never afford ANYTHING I truly like enough to think about trying, lol. Fashion mags for sewing inspiration is usually more my thing, but I get a fair selection of different kinds: InStyle, Burda, Belle Armoire, Real Living, Domino, Ottobre, Shop Til You Drop...oh..and the occasional music mag. :p

  16. I can't afford a lot of it either, but I love it for inspiration.

    If I could really sew I'm sure I'd have a more crafty stash for ideas and such.

  17. "A magazine a day!" That's my motto... Sick I know...

  18. *laugh* There's no way I could get through 30...


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