I have a few collections, truth be told I'm not really sure how many. Every time I think I've covered them all, I remember another grouping of objects that would qualify as a collection. Reading this I sound like a hoarder or someone with a lot of clutter. However, I don't collect just to collect, my collections grew out of things that I love. Displayed nicely I don't think a collection has to be clutter.

What makes a collection? 2 of an item? 3? 4? In my case, these are all categories in which I have quite a few like items. In the case of books, I know a lot of people have multiple books, but really bear with me until I do the post on my books and I think you'll agree it is quite a collection.

Off the top of my head I have a collection of books, rosemaling, copper, Disney items, art, international costume dolls, vintage linens and embroidered items, natural items (I'm not sure how else to phrase this), and I'm sure there are others. I'll expand more on each of these over the next few weeks.

However, in the meantime, I'm curious...
What do you collect? How do you display your collections? Do you rotate out pieces or display it all?



  1. I'm looking forward to this as the weeks roll on. My collections are antiques, candles, my dad's old brass flashlight collection, cobalt blue bottles, books, and probably others I'll have to think.

  2. I collect antique cameras, international film canisters (weird but true), Bluebirds of Happiness, as well as, Willow Tree figurines.

    I have a box in the attic of fossils in rocks I've found at lakes over the years.

    I have a collection of images and graphics that is totally insane. Does that count?

    As far as displaying, I have my Willow Tree figures in a curio cabinet and have yet to decide how to display my cameras. When it is time, it is going to be a huge task.

    I know I'm forgetting something.

  3. That's how I felt, I had to go back and add in rosemaling, because I had forgotten it. I'm going to start with a post on the rosemaling late tomorrow afternoon.
    I'd love to see more about both of your collections, pictures? :) Would you be willing to share?

    Monique, I'd imagine displaying cameras would require something extra since they would need a shelf of some sort.

  4. AnonymousJune 13, 2008

    Oh I love collections!! It always adds so much personality to a room! I collect teacups, and fabrics, and beach glass! I'm sure there are more!

    And your comment about your dad reading to you was so darling!! What a special memory with a special book!!

  5. It's the collections and accessories that make a room feel like home to someone. It's not usually the furniture or the paint color or the lighting, but the little things with memories attached. That's why I don't understand how people can have interior designers come in and design a room from scratch down to the accessories. Yeah, it looks pulled together, but it wouldn't feel like home to me.

    That book will always have a special place in my heart because of theat. It was frustrating sometimes at the time, because so many of the words were beyond me. In retrospect, I wouldn't change it for the world.

  6. I collect postcards and other ephemera, suitcases, hummels, potholders, buttons, vintage sewing items and lots more. Never too many...yes linens too. I like your blog. Found it while surfing.

  7. Thanks for the compliment! I have a few vintage postcards on my inspiration board in my office. It be nice if they had been written on at some point, more personal that way. These were blank.

    I'd like to find some old suitcases to use for dress up clothes in the kid's room some day.

    I see that you post your collections on your blog, I'll be perusing tonight :)


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