6 Quirks

I'm going to start consolidating memes and awards to Sundays, but since I forgot to do that yesterday:

1) I peel labels. Once we had just gotten back from grocery shopping and unconsciously while on the phone with my mom I peeled the labels from all the cans (about 30 of them). We had mystery veggies and mystery soup for about a month. Not even thinking about it, I had peeled each label and stacked them neatly while gabbing. Hubby was not impressed...

2) I like Wendy's fries dipped in a small Frosty. Courtesy of Andrea, my best friend from my senior year of high school. I've passed this quirk on to my hubby and his brother. I actually don't like a Frosty plain, and will never finish it after I'm done with my fries. Hubby gets to finish it.

3) I love carrots, raw. I hate carrots cooked. I love onion, cooked. I hate onion raw. This is a pattern for just about every single vegetable.

4) I categorize and alphabetize my books, movies and CD's. A friend of ours as a joke decided to move a movie out of order, by the way they were all grinning and looking at the DVD's when I came in, I knew they had moved something. I'm so used to looking at them that way that it took only seconds to see which was out of order and move it back. This is not OCD, but just makes sense with the volume so I can find things quickly.

5) I like to grow my nails out and polish them, that's the girly girl in me. But I refuse to have fake nails. So if 1 breaks they all get cut short and polish removed until they grow out again. The non-girly girl in me tends to do a lot of things that are condusive to nail breakage. Therefore, I'll have nice polished nails for a week at most, before I start the process all over again.

6) I like strawberry yogurt, but not strawberries or other strawberry flavored things. I like cherries, but nothing cherry flavored. I like oranges, but nothing orange flavored.

I guess I have a few food quirks...

Post your quirks if you like, or just leave a quirk in the comments. Or just tell me how ridiculous I am...



  1. I love the mystery cans - gave me a good LOL. I like to dip my fries in mayo of all things - some German customers taught me that once and it's actually good. Carrots are my favorite veggie, I like them raw and sauteed, but not canned. #4 & #5 are me to tee! As for number 6 that just makes you healthier - almost anything "flavored" is full of preservatives and chemicals.

  2. I loved these. The can thing, oh Barbara - too funny.

    I am exactly the same w/ #5. When they are pretty is is a holiday. I noticed in your rosemaling pics you have pretty painted nails, must have a been a good week !!

  3. I'm the opposite with #3. I like carrots cooked and onion raw.

    Thanks for doing this.

  4. Yeah hubby was none too happy about the cans we he finished unloading the car. We knew what the asparagus was... tall can... and the peas were a different brand. The rest well we had no clue...

    Monique: I've been waiting, figuring any day now 1's gonna break... I think that's what made me think of it. Well one broke this morning. So I'll be clipping and filing tonight.

    Sure Cody, sorry it took so long.

  5. Oh no, I hope I hope I didn't jinx them.... And yeah, I'm dork enough to believe that....

    Marf- Raw onions, on stuff or just, there in your mouth?

  6. Monique: Yuppers, all your fault :)
    Nah, it was only a matter of time at that point anyway.

    Raw onions are a bit too strong for my taste.

  7. 1 aachh the tin thing would get me all in a tizz!

    2 I dont know what frosty is!?

    3 love raw and cooked both and all veg, I think?? ahhhhhh except ochre/ladies fingers eerrghhhh!

    4Im so with you on this and have done the same, after 2 kids and several piles always found in the front room Ive then given up!

    5 I have fake ones (BIGG blush), I love them though. I feel groomed and neat.

    6 ooohh I may have a secret sweety/candy thing , but I love flavoured chewy sweets, escpecially orange lol!!!

    my quirks are all up and running btw.

  8. I'm just not careful enough, it's not worth the money if I'm not going to take care of them. I like all the little pretty things like pretty nails, but I'm not willing to change my life around too much for them.


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