Monday Musings {10} - Lincoln

"Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves."
-Abraham Lincoln

Menu Plan Monday {13}

Monday - Chicken Tenderloins with Mustard Sauce

Tuesday - Lemon Pepper Fish

Wednesday - Beef Tips with Gravy

Thursday - BBQ Pork

Friday - 4th of July Picnic at the Farm (Misc)

Saturday - Anniversary Dinner at Guiseppe's

Sunday - Pantry Cleanout and Leftovers

Mustard Sauce

1/2 cup sour cream

2 Tbsp stone ground mustard or dijon mustard

Mix together well

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Just Two Words

1. Where is your cell phone? purse, closet
2. Your significant other? my hubby
3. Your hair? brown, long
4. Your mother? Orlando Fl
5. Your father? With Mom
6. Your favorite thing? my puppies
7. Your dream last night? bad nightmare
8. Your favorite drink? water, lemon
9. Your dream/goal? happy, kids
10. The room you're in? family room
11. Your ex? ex what?
12. Your fear? no kids
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? happy successful
14. Where were you last night? in bed
15. What you're not? mom yet
16. Muffins? cinnamon apple
17. One of your wish list items? china cabinet
18. Where you grew up? the world
19. The last thing you did? brush teeth
20. What are you wearing? jeans tee
21. Your TV? music station
22. Your pet(s)? Blackie Zaya
23. Your computer? crappy junk
24. Your life? very good
25. Your mood? worried apprehension
26. Missing someone? my family
27. Your car? Red Expedition
28. Something you're not wearing? socks shoes
29. Favorite Store? the internet
30. Your summer? yard work
31. Like someone? of course
32. Your favorite color? black green
33. Last time you laughed? 2 minutes
34. Last time you cried? this weekend
35. Who will re-post this? not sure

Coffee Mill

I love this antique coffee mill that was hubby's grandmothers. There are no markings that I see, and I have no clue how old it is. He said it's just always been in her kitchen that he remembers.

Coffee Mill

Here I've opened it, the drawer in the bottom is where the ground coffee falls
Coffee Mill


The Westward Ho Hotel and Entertainment Complex

The Westward Ho Hotel and Entertainment Complex is no more in Grand Forks, but at one point it was well known for it's Comedy Nights and Fish Bowl drinks among other things. I promised over at Grand Forks Life that I would post the picture I have. It was part of a CD of fishbowl drink recipes that was sold shortly before the auction. There is a copyright notice on the cd, so I'm not going to post the recipes, but hopefully there isn't a problem sharing the picture. We used to go there often for comedy night with my husband's brother and wife.

One Last Look


Grand Forks in the Summer - The Kegs

The Kegs - Grand Forks

The Kegs - Grand ForksI mentioned the Farmer's Market, The Grand Cities Art Fest and The Art & Wine Walk in a previous post. They are just a few of my favorite things, but what really signals that spring/summer has arrived around here is opening of The Kegs for the year. The Kegs Drive-In, aka The Kegs or The Fabulous Kegs is a drive-up that opens in April in Grand Forks, and is known for it's sloppy joes and root beer around town.

The Kegs just got a facelift last summer so it definitely looks a bit different, there are some older pics on Roadside America for comparison. I think it looks more like kegs now... and the food hasn't changed a bit... I always order a BLT with Onion Rings and a Cherry Coke. mmmmmm....

The Kegs - Grand Forks

The Kegs - Grand Forks

The Kegs - Grand Forks

Click on the menu to see a larger readable image:
The Kegs Menu - Grand Forks

Monday Musings {9}

I just found it amusing that I found two bananas/cheese quotes. It's the kind of thing in life you only expect to find one of:

"Democrats always like to brag that their guys are smarter than the opponents and Republicans always like to brag that their guys are more moral than the opponents. But if you're looking for morals in politics you're looking for bananas in the cheese department."
~Harry Shearer

"I think cheese smells funny, but I feel bananas "are" funny. I'm assuming Swamp told the whole story of the executives seriously asking us to replace the banana with cheese because they thought it was funnier."
~Joe Murray

Question Time!

I have a question and I'd LOVE it if you would please help me with an answer.

I've been back in Grand Forks for 6, count them, 6 years... and except for 1 person (love ya Becca!), all of my friends in Grand Forks are people I'm related to through marriage or met at work. I love my friends I really do! I don't want to replace them, however, I would like to meet new people in the area. So, here's my question:

I know you don't live here, but if I lived there and was going to meet you and hit it off right away and become fabulous friends, how/where would I find you?

My reasoning is the type of people that read my blog are the same type of people that I want to hang out and create general mayhem with. Yes, I ended the sentence with a preposition... there is probably a better way to phrase it, but well, it's not coming to mind. I consider you friends already, but with the price of gas I can't start roadtripping all over creation to see a movie!


First Camping Trip of the Summer

First, I came home last night and crashed! After three restless nights in hotel beds I literally walked in the door and crawled in to bed, while hubby unloaded my care for me (isn't he sweet!!!). So I will do my best to catch up this afternoon with anyone I missed this week.

Second, I'm a glutton for punishment! After only 1 night back in my own comfy bed, we're leaving this afternoon for our first camping trip of the year. We'll be going to the Old Mill State Park in Minnesota and I definitely will NOT have internet access there. So I'll be light on posts this weekend and the Farmer's Market will have to make it's blog debut next weekend. So much to do, so little time.

So, it's the first day of summer and we're going on our first camping trip of the year. This is the camping trip in which we inevitably no matter how hard we try, we will forget half the things we need at home. Each time we go we say "Oh, we need to bring X next time." By the end of the summer, the last camping trip of the year we've packed everything we own into the car with the dogs.

At that point camping is kind of like this... All the comforts of home:


Yeah, I'm dreaming again. Every year in the beginning of the season, I think we'll be fine with less stuff this year, and by the end of the summer we have all the same stuff loaded up. I'll learn my lesson eventually, or get a lake cabin so I can just leave the stuff there... ooops, there I go dreaming again.

These are actually the cabins at Grand Superior Lodge.
We've rented cabins here a few times for vacation, they are quite nice.


Out of Town

I'll be gone this week, but I've left some posts of art around Grand Forks from this past weekend for you to enjoy. I look forward to catching up on all the comments and your posts on Friday!


Art Fest and New Kitchen Utensil Crock

Just a couple of pics of the Art Fest this weekend, and the crock I bought for the Kitchen. I have a large salt crock for utensils, but I needed a smaller one for my wooden spoons, rubber spatulas and whisks.

Grand Cities Art Fest Paddlewheel

Grand Cities Art Fest 2008

I bought this crock for smaller utensils from Lost Highway Pottery.





Fish Art Around Grand Forks

This is just a small sample of the myriad fish around Grand Forks. I wish I knew the stories behind all the art installations.

Art Grand Forks Fish

Art Grand Forks Fish

Art Grand Forks Fish

Art Grand Forks Fish


Art Around Grand Forks

We have quite a few art installations around town, these are just the few that are in the one block walk from the Art Fest to the parking garage where I work. There are also a number of fish along this walk as well, I'll share a few tomorrow.

Art Grand Forks

Art Grand Forks

Art Grand Forks

Art Grand Forks

Art Grand Forks


6 Quirks

I'm going to start consolidating memes and awards to Sundays, but since I forgot to do that yesterday:

1) I peel labels. Once we had just gotten back from grocery shopping and unconsciously while on the phone with my mom I peeled the labels from all the cans (about 30 of them). We had mystery veggies and mystery soup for about a month. Not even thinking about it, I had peeled each label and stacked them neatly while gabbing. Hubby was not impressed...

2) I like Wendy's fries dipped in a small Frosty. Courtesy of Andrea, my best friend from my senior year of high school. I've passed this quirk on to my hubby and his brother. I actually don't like a Frosty plain, and will never finish it after I'm done with my fries. Hubby gets to finish it.

3) I love carrots, raw. I hate carrots cooked. I love onion, cooked. I hate onion raw. This is a pattern for just about every single vegetable.

4) I categorize and alphabetize my books, movies and CD's. A friend of ours as a joke decided to move a movie out of order, by the way they were all grinning and looking at the DVD's when I came in, I knew they had moved something. I'm so used to looking at them that way that it took only seconds to see which was out of order and move it back. This is not OCD, but just makes sense with the volume so I can find things quickly.

5) I like to grow my nails out and polish them, that's the girly girl in me. But I refuse to have fake nails. So if 1 breaks they all get cut short and polish removed until they grow out again. The non-girly girl in me tends to do a lot of things that are condusive to nail breakage. Therefore, I'll have nice polished nails for a week at most, before I start the process all over again.

6) I like strawberry yogurt, but not strawberries or other strawberry flavored things. I like cherries, but nothing cherry flavored. I like oranges, but nothing orange flavored.

I guess I have a few food quirks...

Post your quirks if you like, or just leave a quirk in the comments. Or just tell me how ridiculous I am...


Monday Musings {8} - Naylor

"A father carries pictures where his money used to be."
-Author Unknown

"Old as she was, she still missed her daddy sometimes."
-Gloria Naylor

Menu Plan Monday {12}

Monday - Out Of Town
Tuesday - Out Of Town
Wednesday - Out of Town
Thursday - Out Of Town
Friday - Out Of Town (Maybe)
Saturday - Pork Loin (Phase 1)
Sunday - Pantry Cleanout and Leftovers

I doubt there will be much for Pantry Cleanout this week.

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Happy Father's Day!

My father brought home two copies of Little Women by Louisa May Alcott one day, I'm not sure what spurred this, I've never asked. However, every available night one summer I read while he followed along, when I hit a word I didn't know, we looked it up together. Afterwards we talked about the chapters or characters, reviewed words I didn't know or anything else about the book. I really can't remember how I felt about reading Little Women at the time, if I was frustrated with it or if I loved it. As an adult I can say that I love the memory and the book holds a certain fond place in my heart from reading it with my dad. It was my first real book, we read the book the summer between 1st and 2nd grade, so it was a bit above my level at the time. The same summer he read Little Joe Otter with my brother, I wonder if it had the same impact on him.

Later, when I was in 7th or 8th grade we went to the Smithsonian and saw dolls of the Little Women. They were a porcelain bust, arms and legs with instructions to sew the body and clothing. All they had left was Amy, I'm guessing not as many people felt akin to her, since she was a bit spoiled. She lived in the box for a while, my Amma (grandmother in Icelandic) made her body and dress for me a few years later.

This is the book we read that summer complete and unabridged, and Amy (who normally lives in a doll stand, but she's laying down for this shot).

Little Women

I can't wait for the day when I can share Little Women with my own daughter. Thank you Dad!


Gloves for Cleaning

Aren't these just the cutest? I got the gloves and scrubber this week. I'm kind of a girlie girl in some aspects, I grow my nails long and try to keep them looking pretty. Well washing dishes and cleaning takes a toll on them, so I have plain old yellow gloves. With all the chemicals used in cleaning nowadays I try to always wear gloves when cleaning around the house. As I'm needing new cleaning supplies, I'm replacing them with Method products. My yellow dishwashing gloves are ready to retire to other housecleaning, so I replaced them with these totally cute pink gloves from The Pampered Chef. I also got the little scrubby you can see on the side of the sink.


I absolutely love these, especially the tall polkadot cuffs. Too girly girl?


Rosemaling - Collections

I had mentioned my collections the other day and promised to share them with you. Well, I'm having to dismantle my displays and bring them into an area by a window so I can get enough light to take at least halfway decent pictures.


This little collection of rosemaling has a few different styles, but the most wonderful thing about it is everything except the large svepask was owned by either my mother or grandmother. I love things that are a bit more personal. My mother's tine was the first that I acquired. It's actually not quite a tine, based on construction, but the intent and use is the same. In my house, my kitchen was perfect for going Scandinavian instead of the French Country I had had in my last house. When I told my mother my idea, she sent me some hand-crocheted Scandinavian valances that she wasn't using and her tine among other things. I use this tine in my kitchen to hold little things just like my mother used to, so it's not a part of the display normally.

Svepask Moms

When my mother told my Amma (grandmother in Icelandic) my plans, she bought me a gorgeous tine in Norway on her next trip there. She brought it along with a collection of rosemaling items from her home the next time she visited from Iceland.

Svepask Zoom

The tine opens by slightly pulling the handles back and lifting the lid. Smaller ones used to be used to take lunches to the fields or work, and they were also used by women to hold their treasures: jewelry, gloves, and items that were part of the national costume. They are bentwood boxes and called tine (pronounced tina) in Norway and svepask in Sweden.

Svepask Inside

I also have a much smaller tine that used to be in my Amma's home.

Small Svepask

Here are a few other item's from her home, the spoon always hung on the wall, but I have chosen to display it with the rest of the items.

Rosemaling Close Up

Last but not least, I keep this by my fireplace. No, not the Nisse, the fireplace bellows. This is another present brought back for me from Norway by my Amma.


I'm not an expert on the various styles of rosemaling, so if you are interested in knowing more about the various styles the Illinois Norsk Rosemaler's Association has a great page with pictures and explanations.