Week In Review {7}

I fell terribly behind in my blog reading the past two weeks, I got the number of posts down to 458 before I finally closed my eyes and pressed the "Mark All As Read" button.

What that means is I don't have a lot for Week In Review, but I do have a few things.

Tamy at 3 Sides of Crazy posted her Bread Pudding recipes, just for me. I can't enjoy them quite yet, but I look forward to the day I can. All of her recipes sound delicious!

I discovered a new blog, PerfectBound, courtesy of Bloesem. It is perfectly lovely, I just love the elegant simplicity.

I spent a few minutes poking around MarthaStewart.com looking for the pumpkin pillows again, and found these Dime Store Games, complete with instructions to make them.



  1. The dime store games sound really fun. I'd like to give them a try.

  2. I'm hoping to make a bunch for the kids for Christmas.


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