Week In Review {6}

Pop bottle cloches to protect seedlings will be very helpful in starting seedlings up here.
Spring soups for dreary weather includes a link for how to make soup from anything
I love this letter to Tom Waits from Emily.
Holly of Decor8 launched a personal site, Haus Maus to discuss her move and setting up home in Germany
Sk*rt relaunched this week as Kirtsy
I love the flag border in this nursery!
Want help analyzing the items you have in Deep Storage.



  1. The flag border is a really cute idea and would like nice coordinated with a matching quilt and bed ruffle.

  2. I think it's would make a pretty valance as well. It's a very happy room.

  3. great links , Ive linked back to this post on my last post ,as there was a little synchronistic blog magic going on!


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