Thursday Thirteen - Favorite Words {4}

My Favorite Thirteen Words

In no particular order...
1. facetious
2. quirky
3. onomatopoeia
4. confuzzled
5. impudent
6. notorious
7. flibbertigibbet
8. myriad
9. serendipity
10. eccentricity
11. inundate
12. sensuous
13. classique



  1. These meme's are addictive !!

  2. I haven't done a Thursday Thirteen in forever... I was just moving over some of my posts from my archives last night and figured I'd do one.

  3. i've always been a fan of onomatopoeia myself. hard to spell, though.

  4. Another favorite is insouciant, I was still thinking of favorite words every so often today.

  5. Great list - hubby always says I use too many big words, but I have to admit I had to look a couple of these up to be sure.

  6. Well confuzzled is made up... I've always joined confused and puzzled together... a little quirk of mine. I used to use a synonym dictionary to look up words to use to bug my little brother. Aren't I a sweet sister?

    And I don't actually say onomatopoeia often, I just like the way it sounds. Apropos given the meaning.


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