Thursday Thirteen - Favorite Sounds {6}

Thursday Thirteen

My Favorite Sounds

In no particular order...
1. Rain hitting a window
2. Thunder
3. Bubble wrap popping
4. Wind rustling in the trees
5. A burbling stream
6. Waterfalls
7. Fire crackling
8. Birds chirping
9. Baby's laugh
10. Ocean crashing on the shore
11. Waves lapping at the shore
12. The carillon bells outside my window at work
13. Hubby telling me "I love you"


  1. My perfect list! I'd also add children belly laughing and a singing Michael Buble! A-M xx

  2. Thanks Tamy!

    a-m: I almost added Children laughing as my last one!

  3. Perfect list. I LOVE #3 - L

  4. I think there is a certain amount of satisfaction if you are the cause of #3!


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