Pumpkin Pillows for the Nursery

I just love these pumpkin pillows from MarthaStewart.com
Pumpkin Pillows

I plan on using some of the leftover striped fabric from the button-up shades I made for the nursery and make a few:

I'm also going to use it for basket liners for the toy baskets on the shelves. I don't sew much, so hopefully I'm not getting in over my head. I guess we shall see.



  1. oohh your a real dab hand , the window dressing is really lovely.

  2. Very lovely Barbara...

    Get all of this done now, when the li'l one arrives there will be NO TIME. -L

  3. Yeah, kind of what I figure. I didn't do much today. I'm worried about the cushions because of the stripes, so I'll start with a small one.


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