Projects and Half-Day Fridays

We've started half-day Fridays at work for the summer season. I love these stolen afternoons. Bits of time for me to read or work on projects or even clean *gasp*. It's nice to have a clean house all ready for the weekend and to not have to spend Saturday morning working on it. I've really spent quite a bit of time organizing this spring. There are 2 hall closets which need shelving systems put in them to finish them off, but I've been putting off going through the clothes in my bedroom closet and there is nothing stopping me. Since I'm done with my office, I'm moving into my bedroom closet tomorrow.

Here is my plan of attack, anyone want to join me? I'll be organizing my closet by tops, pants, jackets, suits, and dresses, and then by color within each type. It's all just a mess right now and I know I'm wasting time in the morning trying to get ready for work.

1) Grab a (1) laundry basket for repairs, a (2) laundry hamper and dry cleaning bag for clothes to wash, a (3) large cardboard box for donations and a (4) trashcan for worn out/damamged clothes. Clothes to hang back up will be (5) layed out on the bed. Seasonal clothing will go into (6) containers under the bed.
2) Pull out any seasonal clothing and swap it with the (6) clothes under the bed.
3) Pull out any clothes I don't like/wear anymore, put them in the (3) box or (4) trash as appropriate.
4) Try on any clothes I haven't worn in 3 months or more that I didn't pull out, including all seasonal clothing:
  • if I still like it and it still fits well - then (2) or (5)

  • if I don't want it anymore or it doesn't fit - then (3) or (4)

5) If I've worn it recently examine it for any hemming, buttons, etc that might need to be addressed, if it needs repair then put it in the (1) laundry basket, otherwise it goes on the (5) bed.
6) Once the closet is completely empty, wipe everything down (put in drawer liners now if you want them, these are the ones I have)
7) Put clothes back in the closet one zone at a time. (Tip: For the clothes that I haven't worn in a while that I decided to keep and the seasonal clothes I plan on putting the hangers in backwards, I'll look at which hangers are still backwards in 3 months and probably donate at that point.)

So, this is my plan for this Friday afternoon. I'll take before and after pictures and share them when I'm done. If you decide to do this as well, would you share the link to your post or pictures in the comments?



  1. Hi there. I'm not even sure how I got here, I think Forever Daisies as I was passing through. I love your blog. It's adorable!!!!!!

  2. Thank you very much! Yeah, I love Kim's blog and comment there often, so that would be a very likely source :)


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