Plush Cuties

I'm planning on spending time this summer trying to learn how to sew, nothing too complex, but I'd like to learn to sew cute outfits for kiddos and to be able to make plush characters for them as well. I know some of these plush cuties are probably a bit more difficult, but they are all SO cute! I'm hoping with time I'll get there. In the meantime, does anyone have any recommended resources for a learner. I can sew a straight line :)

Plush Roundup

1. hand-sewn bunny with crocheted flowers, 2. Bunny Kimono Plush, 3. Theres a kitty resting in my sewing room, 4. Strawberry Plush, 5. Chocobo Plush, 6. Samuel and Soda Pop Giraffe Out for a Ride, 7. felt bunny charm, 8. Amigurumi Sewing Machine and Thread, 9. Proto type Elephant Sewing Caddy, 10. My 1st Plush, 11. Little Penguin Plush, 12. lime puppy, 13. The Gnome Brothers Four, 14. Adrian, front, 15. Tiny Owl, 16. fuzzy was a puppy



  1. If you learn how to sew, make outfits for [url=]Blythe dolls[/url]. There's a big market for them!

  2. oohhh that kimono rabbit is just too cute and funny!

    Some of the links on my blog have crafters who have some online tutorials which might give you some tips.

  3. Good Luck to you. These are adorable! The little sewing machine makes me giggle.... It would be perfect for my Grandmother...

  4. I love the green and blue dogs in the bottom right corner. These are all pretty straight forward. The hardest part will be turning the 'little' corners.

  5. MiYon: I think that's way beyond me for a while... such teeny tiny ruffles!

    hana mi: I just love that and the little racoon on the bottom row. I'll check out the links and see what I can come up with.

    Monique: I know... that's more embroidery than sewing, but I thought it was adorable!

    Tamy: Those corners are going to be a big challenge for me. None of them are too straightforward with my current skill level! :)

  6. i can't sew... so no suggestions! However, if you find something super helpful I would love to learn too!

  7. Kim: I'll definitely share if I find anything super helpful. I pulled the machine down tonight, but forgot that the Idol finale is 2 hours. So I'm watching that instead right now.


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