Paper Dolls & Chemistry

Strange combination? This week I thought I'd share a couple of vintage items I've collected over the years. The book is "The Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments: How to Set Up a Home Laboratory - Over 200 Simple Experiments", so if you have any kids that are interested in chemical reactions, how things work or just a little bored, you can probably find something fun to do in here. This book was actually banned in 1960 because the government was worried that it was too dangerous for the general public. Yet, it's all basic chemistry that we do in school today.

The Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments

(You can download the book at the page above)

I loved paper dolls when I was younger, and haven't found many in stores lately. So I found a bunch online a while back and now I'm going to share them with you. They were originally published between 1968 and 1972 in Sweden's ALLERS. Unfortunately, I can't give credit because I have no idea where I originally found these.









  1. I loved these as a kid - these are too cool!

  2. I wish I had better scans of them, but they are still fun.

  3. oh what a find !!

    I'm downloading the book, it's going to be a looong Summer, we'll need many things to try.

    Thanks !

  4. Monique,
    I know this was all over the blogosphere last year, but have you picked up the Dangerous Book for Boys yet? Big B is the perfect age for it. I have it and the Daring Book for Girls and they both have great activities in it. Things to learn etc. One idea that might take a bit of time is to plan a scavenger hunt for the boys. You could even be sneaky, and have it end up being a cleanup hunt (Find 1 piece of trash, find 1 broken toy, find 1 shirt that doesn't fit you anymore, find 5 dandelions including roots... *laugh*)

  5. Tamy pointed out to me that the link on the post for the chemistry book wasn't going anywhere so I updated it, you can go to the page I linked to and download it there.

  6. Ok, getting it now. Thanks


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