Oshie signs with St. Louis Blues

I know I usually stick to all the homey things like cooking, organizing, decorating, design type stuff, but there is much more to me than all of that. Probably the most surprising to people is my love of hockey! Well, my favorite player at UND signed with the St. Louis Blues yesterday afternoon. Before I was kinda split between the Wild (cause they are kinda local) and the Capitals (the first team I rooted for), but now I've got a new team. Seriously, watch T.J. Oshie play hockey and tell me you wouldn't change loyalties to continue watching and cheering for him.

UND #7 T.J. Oshie



  1. Wow, that is very cool. I love discovering new little tidbits about people,and this one is surprising...

    I just saw your post w/ the box you made for your niece and came here to say what a girlie girl you are.

    I've never really gotten into hockey. The ability to ice skate alone impresses me, so what they are capable of is awesome.

  2. We were watching a bit of the press conference last night, and my hubby asked me, so now who are you going to cheer for? so I showed him this post and he laughed. So then he said "I meant what Sioux player?" Oh heck, I don't know, might even be another freshman, that's when I started cheering for Oshie!

    I can't ice skate at all, but I love watching hockey.

    And I am kind of a girlie girl I guess, which is kind of a funny concept to me. I'm thinking this blog is just a bit more of an expression of all the things that I don't really talk about with a lot of people. Most of my friends are guys and always have been, with a few close female friends.


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