Nursery Basket Liners

Well here is my first basket liner attempt, 1 down 15 to go. I'm hoping they'll look nicer as I make more.

They are from the same fabric as the button-up window shades. I think I'll make the pumpkin pillows from solids, so there isn't too much striped stuff in the nursery.

Basket Liner



  1. 15 more?! Where do you find the time.

    It looks wonderful.

  2. I don't have kids yet, remember? :)

  3. Yeah but you work outside of the home. I remember when I quit working, all of 10 years ago, I thought I would have all the time in the world for little projects...........

    ............... NOPE

  4. Work is only 8-10 hours a day 5 days a week, kids are 24/7. I still think I'm ahead of the game in terms of time.

  5. "kids are 24/7"

    Indeed they are - said the sleepy Mommy after a sleepless night fighting off monsters w/ Mommy mist.

  6. So much to look forward to! :)


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