Mother's Day Gift

I promised that I would share what I got my mother for Mother's Day in my Etsy Mother's Day roundup post. Sorry I put it off until now. I just love this sparrow, it's called Cheery Sparrow from Daga Design. I tucked in other goodies, but this was the primary item. I'll definitely be buying more from them in the future. I also featured the The Classic Wise Owl by Daga Design in a Friday Etsy roundup. I have a miniature version of the owl on my bookcase, I love it.

Cheery Sparrow



  1. Oh, that is so pretty.

    Have you ever seen a Bluebird of Happiness? They are made in Arkansas by from the Terra Studios.

    Yours reminded me of them.

  2. I've never seen those before, I love the cobalt ones. I'm kind of a sucker for cobalt glass.

  3. Another thing we have in common - a cobalt obsession. I can see this little guy sitting in a windowsill looking up at whoever is doing the dishes.

  4. My mother has a small collection of wood birds from Iceland. As a child I just loved them and we would look at each and name them in turn. So this bird, which is very Icelandic in style, will hopefully join them in her office :)


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