More Backyard Pictures

Quick picture of the Sedum, of course it isn't blooming yet.

These are the herb pots, I have Sage, Basil, Thyme and Oregano in these 4. I still have Parsley and Rosemary to plant.
Herb Pots

This is the center area of the yard where I planted all the irises Tamy sent me. Thank you again!
Tree In Middle



  1. I see that pink bud peeking through on the sedum and I LOVE the view with the tree as the focal point.

  2. Thats a nice idea under the tree. Did I see Hostas by the trunk? I have some at the front, planted about 4 weeks ago, but theyve already been nibbled!

    That sedum is a pretty plant. Ive got no more room for any more plant loves!!!!

  3. The pink is actually a petal from the tree above it, I should have cleared it off before taking the pic. The Sedum won't bloom for a while they are late bloomers, then they dry up for the birds for fall, I leave them around and cut them down last.

    There are hostas by the trunk, I have hostas all over the yard, I believe 5 different varieties, maybe 6.

    I actually think my sedum are my least pretty plant, but the birds love them. I have a nest in the tree in the middle area and it's home to a pair of birds every year and some babies by summer. So I try to have flowers that birds and butterflies like around the yard.

  4. You have a gorgeous yard.

    I love that you think about the birds needs, so sweet. We have a very busy bird feeder, but I think we feed more squirrels than birds.

  5. Thanks Michele and Monique!

    Monique, if I had a birdfeeder we'd have the same scenario! I can hear the squirrels scampering across our roof in the mornings, I swear you'd think they were square dancing.

  6. ............. or maybe races.

  7. And Squeaky is bringing up the rear, Scamper and Fluffy are neck in neck for the lead.

  8. Yeah I know I'm a dork! :)

  9. Dorks always have fun at the very least!


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