I've been tagged... Page 161 Meme

Monique tagged me for the page 161 meme.

So here are the details, pick up the book you are currently reading, turn to page 161, what is the 6th complete sentence?

Well I had a snag, the book I'm currently reading (City of Glass - Douglas Coupland) doesn't have 161 pages, nor does the last book I read (Souvenir of Canada 2 - Douglas Coupland), so I grabbed the next book I'm reading...

Wade said, 'OK. Sure. But why would we make duplicates, then?'

From All Families are Pyschotic - Douglas Coupland (ordered 6 of his books from Amazon to play catch up...)

Tamy consider yourself tagged, you can wait til you are back from vacation.



  1. Douglas Coupland, I've never heard of him. But I like that they are semi-short. I always get so involved in these mega books, but it take forever for me to read them.

  2. He's bizarre, but I love it... probably most known for "Generation X"...

    Him and Tom Robbins are two of my favorite... they are both a little different.

    I'm just a little book obsessed, here's my library (that's about 1/2 the bookshelves we have, the bottom cabinets are full of paperbacks)

  3. What a lovely library.

    Well, Marf has me curious to check out a book about the spaghetti monster, so while at the library I may just check out one of his too.

  4. Let's see I'm not even sure which you might want to read first... I think my least favorite to date was JPod, but even that one I liked... Chances are they won't have all of them, so you can read the descriptions on the back or on Amazon to choose... What kind of books do you like?

  5. I'm not really into the non-fiction thing anymore. There was a time though...

    I like the weird and bizarre balanced w/ truth and good vs. evil. Wait, that kinda sounds off... I'll answer this when I'm not sleepy - L

    Essentially, I'm describing Grisham, Stephen King, JK Rowling and Sidney Sheldon at the moment. But there are several others. Nothing mushy.

  6. Alright pick anything by him, you'll probably like it. Have you ever read any Tom Robbins?

  7. No I have not, but I just did a search on him and think I will be soon. I love quirky, and this guy appears to fit that perfectly.

  8. If I still lived in Tulsa I'd loan them all to you! :) They are very good and funny... My last blog's name "erleichda" (means lighten up)actually came from his book "Jitterbug Perfume"

  9. Jitterbug Perfume - what a great title....

  10. Most of his titles are great:
    Half-asleep in frog pajamas
    Even cowgirls get the blues
    Wild ducks flying backwards
    Skinny legs and all

    There are a bunch more, but the titles always make me smile!


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