Awards - Passing the Torch {1}

Tamy received an award with the task of passing it on to 10 bloggers she loves and she choose me as one! Yay!

So, I have the task of passing it on. Naturally, if she hadn't given it to me I'd be passing it on to her!

I started writing all sorts of reasons why I love each of these blogs, but well I felt like it was just getting too mushy... suffice to say these are some of my favorite blogs, and while I read many (see blog rolls in the right side bar) these are the ones I look for first.

In no particular order:

Personal Blogs:

Miyon from ScarletHeels Media Blog

Monique from My Escape Hatch

Michele from Laundromat

Kim from Forever Daisies

Jenny from Absolutely Bananas

Sarah from Sarah and the Good Squad

Design, Crafty and Inspirational Blogs:

Erin from Design For Mankind

Alicia from Posie Gets Cozy

Hillary from Wee Wonderfuls

Jane from Yarnstorm

Pass it on if you like, I know how hard it is to narrow things like this down to 10!



  1. Oh My Gosh ! You are so sweet. I love it.

    And you are funny too. I would sit in a sobbing mess trying to describe what I like about certain people and blogs, so I totally know what you mean there.

    I will pass it on, Thank You !!

  2. and i love YOU! Awesome... thank you so much!

  3. You're both welcome. The personal blogs were easy to pick!

  4. OOH, Thank you SO much! You are so awesome!

  5. Hooray! Thank you. I am honored.

  6. You're welcome Kim and Sarah! :)


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