Friday I'm In Love {7}

Vibrant Reds from Etsy:

Clockwise from upper left:
Toadstool Trio by Kitsch Kitten & Mod Kat
My Red High Heels - 8 1/2 x 11-inch print by DreamON!
Cheers to Rain Print by Gumball Grenade Illustrations
18" Contemporary Cushion Cover Blossom Red And White by Frances Rose
red couture by redheather.
Cosmetic Bag by Jewelweeds
Set of 10 small folded illustrated cards by Shira Sela
Red Polka Dot Earrings by la Boutique de Christiane



  1. How lush that red is , dont tempt me , I have a shopping addiction!

    Hi by the way, liking your signature at the bottom of posts. I got to work out how to do all these bloggy things!

    Your blogs are linked on my blog also.

  2. Isn't it lovely! It's the accent color in my kitchen. I just love seeing pops of red. The signature is easy, I can help you if you want.

    I saw you have started a food blog too. I was looking around yesterday, since Monique tagged you too.

  3. I love accent colours, when we do our kitchen next yr Im looking to do rich orange as my accent. I have it already in my loft.

    oohhh the food blog, I know there are 10000000000 food blogs , but theres room for some more hey! With food theres always something to share hey.I hope anyway!!!

  4. I have a food blog as well. It's a nice place to stick my favorite recipes so I don't have to search EVERYWHERE for them.

    I've gotten so I'm going with more neutrals for everything with pops of color. I wish I had had some sort of design guidance when I first moved out of my own. I love rich oranges in the fall, and scatter them throughout the house. I tend to decorate seasonally.

  5. Yes have your food blog linked too!

    Its never too late to start harnessing that creative power hey.

  6. I got you all linked up. Let me know if you want help on the sig.

  7. Great to get a link.

    Will be fab if you could give me tips on some things techy. I need some pointers on the blog map!

  8. Sure, my email is in my profile. Shoot me an email and I'll help you out. It's pretty simple.

  9. Thanks barbara, when my heads more in gear in the morning, look out for my mail.

  10. i have this thing for red & white polka dot toadstools - thanks for showing the supercute anthropomorphic ones.

  11. Sure! They were the first thing I grabbed to showcase, I just loved them!


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