Week In Review {3}

Sourdough Starter and a Beginner Sourdough Loaf Recipe over at The Kitchn

Have you been seeing yellow recipes for LiveSTRONG Day all over the blogosphere lately? The deadline was this Saturday over at Winos and Foodies, many people have linked in their pictures and recipe in the comments. You'll have to wait until May 13th for the full write-up, but it gives you a little taste until then.

Jane over at YarnStorm shared her tulips. Yay! I can live vicariously for a few weeks until we get some blooming flowers up here.

Martha Stewarts' Paw Paw passed away, and she wrote a heart-wrenching tribute to him on her blog.

Seattle Mom Blogs is hosting an Earth Day Countdown with all sorts of ideas to get a little greener. Every effort helps.

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