Week In Review {1}

How delicious does this Slow-Cooker Lemon Garlic Chicken at The Kitchen look, I'll have to try that soon.

Spring Cleaning over at Cara's Coffee Break

Photoshop tutorial round-up for light effects over at Smashing Magazine. Who wouldn't want to learn more techniques for making blog bling.

I love these wooden drum shells made into a tea table featured over at Ohdeedoh, now I want to find some for myself.

How precious is this handmade village frock over at Sugar City Journal. Love it!

Desire to Inspire featured interior designer Palmer Weiss. While I really love the photos, what really caught my eye are the pinks and greens in the first photo. I think it would be a beautiful combination in a little girl's room.

Design for Mankind's 3rd issue of "Inspiration" e-zine came out this week. I love the quirkiness of the e-zine, the hand written comments and the blend of both vintage and modern inspirational photos, captions and quotes. It's really lovely and you can also download issue 1 and 2 still.

And last, but certainly not least... the whimsy & spice website debut. I've been reading BabyGadget for quite a while now and started reading Sweet Fine Day when Jenna and Mark started that blog full of sweet cooking goodness. Well, they just announced that their site whimsy & spice is up and they are starting to sell their products this weekend at the Brooklyn Flea. I'm so excited for them. Oh, and they have the same Pinch, Dash, Smidgen measuring spoons I have... Although I still have no use for them really, they just look awful cute! As soon as they have online ordering setup I'm buying some marshmallows... the chocolate ones look divine!


  1. Got your comment!!! Glad you enjoyed the Ezine. I love it. My space is NEW and my dad and boyfriend love me bunches to help put the shelving up for me (i would have probably hurt myself when it fell on me. I'm a klutz.)
    Come back and visit!!

  2. *laugh* I can relate. My hubby put up the shelves in my closet space. I'd have surely broken a toe or two otherwise!


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