Spring Cleaning - Tips

Well since I'm almost done with my spring cleaning, I thought I'd share a few of my tips to make it easier.

  1. For cleaning I have a pack of 20 cheap washclothes in 5 different colors, I use a different color for floors, counters & sinks, bathrooms, walls and windows, woods. Since I use different cleaners for each of these areas I know I can just grab a rag in that color and not worry about it.
  2. To wipe down the walls, I just stick a washcloth on my swiffer, I use it dry on flat paint and wallpaper and damp on semi-gloss.
  3. I spray everything down in one bathroom, go to the next and spray it all down, by the time I'm done spraying, the first is ready to be wiped down, and then I go wipe down the second. I let the sprays soak a bit, letting them do their job and make it easier for me. I do the same thing in the kitchen, clear all the counters, spray them all in a clockwise direction, go back and wipe them off in a clockwise direction.
  4. I have a cleaning caddy that I keep everything in so it's easy to move throughout the room and not have to constantly have to stop and start to go find different cleaning supplies. If you don't have a caddy, load up a bucket or dishpan or a basket lined with a plastic bag.
  5. I keep 2 bins and a trash bag with me as I go throughout the house and anything that doesn't belong in the room it's in goes in 1 bin, anything I'm purging goes in the other. When I get to the room it belongs in, it gets put away. When I'm all done I go through and put everything left in the put away where it belongs. The purge bin gets distributed to it's rightful locations, whether to a person I think might want it or Goodwill.
  6. I start in the least used rooms, and work my way to the most used rooms. You'll get more rooms done in a smaller time frame, so it'll keep you motivated to keep going.  Plus, it'll keep you from tracking a lot of stuff into the lesser used rooms.  It also seems to be the most efficient way to getting the items from the bins put away. (I seem to be collecting a lot of family room/kitchen items throughout the house, so leaving those rooms until last makes the most sense to me.)
  7. I work clockwise through each room working from the top to the bottom and the outside to the middle. This makes sure I don't miss anything and I get through the room in an efficient manner.


  1. These are excellent tips! I am taking notes. :)

  2. They certainly help me... because I'd of course prefer to spend as little time cleaning as possible and more time blogging...

  3. Wow--- will you do my house next?? PLEASE???? :)

  4. *laugh* If your house is as inspirational as your blog I think I'd have a blast!

  5. Sure, I'm always looking for ways to make cleaning easier and faster. :)


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