Raspberry Apple Pie

Raspberry Apple Pie recipe up at Kitchen Comforts



  1. That is gorgeous! I also liked the idea of putting mushrooms in your stock (chicken soup recipe). I LOVE making mushroom soup because I love the flavour of the broth but I never thought of transferring that to other soups.

    Where does a foodie like you eat out in Grand Forks?

  2. Mostly I cook. Sanders is always good, I don't think I've ever eaten off their menu because their special always sounds too good. Once they had a lamb chop on special, that was so huge, I ate the tenderloin there. Then used the rest and made lamb stew for my husband and I the next day. The thing is it's spendy so that's maybe a once a year thing.

    The Bronze Boot is good, their stuffed mushroom appetizer is so yum. I've lived all over the US, and while the restaurant offerings here in Grand Forks are improving (Joe Black's, The Toasted Frog, L'Bistro, etc), it's hard not to miss my favorite places elsewhere in the country. Mainly I pine for the steak house in Illinois (Ottawa Steak House, superb Ribeye), the chinese restaurant in Virginia (The Peking Duck), etc...

  3. YUM...pie looks so good!

  4. Thanks, it was quite good, if a bit messy :)


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