My Office: Organization!

My home office had gotten a bit out of control, it was too easy to put stuff in there and shut the door. See, my office area is in a closet in the library, so I tend to throw a few papers on the desk, shut the door, throw a few picture frames on the desk, shut the door, throw a teddybear on the desk, shut the door... anyway, you get the idea. The thing is, then when I actually want to use my desk, I can't so I temporarily co-opt the dining room table. Ok, well enough is enough.

It's going to take a few days due to other commitments, but I'm going to go through and organize the closet from top to bottom as one of my Spring Cleaning projects. Starting with the desktop, then the overhead shelves, then under the desk. Then I'll see about getting Paul to wire in an outlet for me so I can get some lighting in there!


  1. Good Luck to you! I find it very hard to keep my office/craft spaces clean. Let us know how it goes and if you have any tips!

  2. Thanks! I took before photos, got through the desktop and some of the shelves on Sunday. I'll get those posted and hopefully finish off the shelves tonight. Get to the boxes under the desk Tuesday or Wednesday hopefully. I'll post a round up of the tips that I'm using from other sites, and what I find helpful.


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