Menu Plan Monday {3}

Monday - Monte Cristo Sandwiches from Full Bellies, Happy Kids
Tuesday - Spicy African Peanut Soup from Prairie Bounty Catering
Wednesday - Lime Garlic Chicken (went to help a friend and didn't have this last week)
Thursday - Shredded BBQ Pork and Coleslaw Sandwiches
Friday - Bacon Feta Stuffed Chicken from My Life As Annie
Saturday - Leftovers
Sunday - Minestrone


  1. That's a mighty fine looking meal plan. Yum.

  2. Thanks, I moved your soup to last night since we had a work thing Tuesday night since tax season was finally over. It was sooooo yum! Paul loved it, he said "It's like dipping peanut butter toast into tomato soup. You'd never think to do it, but it sure is good"

  3. Monte Cristo sandwiches are my all time favorite. Can you tell I'm finally getting caught up on my reading and comments?

  4. *laugh* Yeah, but that's ok... The Monte Cristos were quite good..
    My favorite this week was the soup.


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