Kitchen Cabinets - Before and After

One part of my Spring Cleaning project is to reorganize my Kitchen Cabinets. Several had been done in January, but I've been working on the few stragglers in the last week.

There are actually 3 baskets in the left cabinet now, the back one holds silicone baking items and x-large baking sheets. The two front baskets hold (on the right) all of our plastic sandwich/storage bags, and (on the left) paper products (paper plates, napkins & cups).
The right cabinet holds my gigantic plastic bowls and a few plastic storage containers for taking food to company, our blender, large tea pitcher and our guide for slicing bread (we make a lot of homemade bread).


This cabinet holds most of my baking and candy making items, chips and nuts type stuff. Basically I corralled open items into bowls or containers, so I check there first before opening another bag.


And last I'll share the front of my refrigerator. It wasn't too bad before, but I took down some of the pictures I've had on it forever. You can see Amy's cheat sheet of recipes there, she uses the same chocolate cake recipe I use and I love her gingerbread. She has a pdf on her blog, Angry Chicken, you can download it if you want to try any of them.


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