Home Office: Desk Top Organization

Here is a before picture of my lovely office. How embarrassing! It didn't get this way overnight, but it is in sad shape.

Office - Before

I started with the desktop and a laundry basket. Took everything off, wiped it all down and put it back. My office area is more of a storage area for my painting, scrapbooking and craft supplies. You can still see the mess under the desk, but I'm getting there. I have a large bag of trash and a box of sell/donate.

Here is the desk top all cleaned up. A few of the items will go up on the first shelf when it's ready. So it's not quite cleared off yet.

Office Desk - After


  1. Good job! I did this last week and posted about it! It sure does feel good doesn't it!

  2. It does feel good, I still have 1 shelf to finish. I'll be happy to have it all done!


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