Friday, I'm In Love {3}

Etsy is having a Mother's Day Showcase
So, here are a few of the items I'm loving for Mother's Day from Etsy.

Friday, I'm In Loving

From top left, going clockwise:
From showcased vendors...
Cranes Print by Jennifer Overfield
Embroidered Flower Purse by Spongetta
Teal and White Earrings by Magnolia Jewelry
Green Lotus Flower Hand Painted Silk Scarf by Miss Megan Mac

And not being showcased, but quite beautiful...
Vintage Blues Hand Bound Journal by Huish Books
Large Hand Thrown Stoneware Bird Feeder by Just Mare

And finally, what did I buy for my mother? Well, I can't share yet, because she looks at my blog from time to time... so it's still a secret. I will share that it is from an etsy seller, and I'm having it mailed to me first so I can send it to her a little closer to Mother's Day. If I share the seller, she'd figure it out. So, if you are really curious, you can e-mail me through my profile and I'll share.

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