Free Kids Games

I thought I'd round up a few of my favorite websites with ideas and games for kids that require just a few items most people have in their houses.

Mom's Minivan's Travel Game Roundup
Creative Kids at Home

I find the best searches to find ideas are "imagination games for kids" and "travel games for kids". Have any good resources? Please share them in the comments.


  1. What a nice idea. I'll grab these and come back w/ mine to share.

  2. Thank you! I like games that require a little imagination once in a while!

    Kid-at-Art gives project ideas that recycle stuff most people just pitch anyway.

    I can't wait to see your links or ideas.

  3. Gosh, I didn't even check your profile to see what ages you were interested in...

    I have a huge gap w/ 1 that is soon to be 3 and a 9 year old. Luckily he is a playful 9 year old and will goof off and play along w/ things that interest the younger guy too.

    I love this camp song page, it is in midi form, but you can learn the words or even just a fun section to occupy little minds while running errands, or find the full song on ITunes and make a cd of them for long trips.

    We just went to Missouri a few weeks ago and I did this for our guys. We ended up listening to the same 4 Dr. Seuss audio books most of the way, but we also sang a bit too.

    I am a huge fan of recycling household stuff for crafts and keep what seems like miles of yarn and hundreds of googly eyes around to aid in the creation of everything we can think of or find to do... Here's some of my list of "go to's"...

    All Free Crafts
    Drink Bottle Crafts
    Make Stuff ((great name))
    Family Crafts
    Sorry, went a little long here...

    I'll be back, I enjoyed your blog.

  4. Actually basically all ages... I am in the processing of adopting, but have 14 nieces and nephews between the ages of 1 and 23, 12 are in the same town and I see them all the time. While I don't need to worry about entertaining the 4 oldest too much, the rest are 7 and younger.

    You might be interested in this post too. Particularly Kids Records Weekly, if you haven't been there already. They have a lot of the records I recognized from growing up in MP3 format, I've downloaded everything. The boys like it a bit more than the girls do, but it is fun to have going as story time.

  5. Oh cool, I'll look at it...

  6. Sorry, thought I sent it to you in an e-mail too, wasn't sure if you'd check back on comments. I think I sent a couple other links in email as well...


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