A Few Of My Favorite Things

This is the beehive lamp I made for the nursery, you can see a couple of the bees to the right and the very bottom of the light. I found a paper lantern perfectly shaped for this project. Painted it a brownish honey yellow, and added the bees. It's perfect over the reading chair in the nursery. My mom and I made the button up shade together when she was here in February. I have plenty of the fabric left for other touches around the room.


A book of fairy tales from 1933 from my grandfather. It was given to me on my 2nd birthday and no longer has it's binding and a few pages are missing, but I cherish it.


The bust was a gift from my aunt when I was in high school, and my mother gave me the column a few years later to display her. When I was in high school she conveniently held all of my necklaces. Now she sits in the corner of my living room.


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