Faux Pas?

Is it a major faux pas to feature something from an Etsy seller, then end up buying it yourself? I featured Meese, from etsy seller Little Bit Funky at the end of March.


Well this morning, I went and bought him. I was thinking about him for my nephew, but he is too young for the buttons on him. So, I featured him instead. Well, Paul and I are adopting and while our child wouldn't be able to play with him for many years, I decided I wanted Meese. So, major faux pas? Either way, Meese is mine now, but she has plenty of other cute things... like Baxter, the handmade stuffed bear, and Jenny, the doll, and I could have sworn she had a cute kitty too, but it must have found a home. She also makes lots of other stuff, cute cards and button bouquets...

Oh, and she has a blog too, go check her out and say hi!


  1. This is adorable! I think it is perfectly fine you ended up with Meese!

    Thanks for the note about the rss feed! I'm happy it is still working for you!

  2. I couldn't resist, the patches on the antlers have been calling to me for days!

    You are welcome, glad to help.

  3. I don't know about the etiquette aspect of it but I want to comment on how adorable Meese is! I don't dare venture to Etsy until I actually have money to spend. That site is amazing.

  4. Isn't he though? I'm going to keep him for our baby, rather than give him away. I got my mom's Mother's Day present from Etsy too. It is dangerous, there are so many pretty things.


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